Savage Megaverse®

Tembili Universe Development part 1

In loving memory of Glirod

A break in our regular sessions.  A couple of key players were unavailable so we decided to use the game Microscope to develop the timeline of a universe that will be introduced to the main campaign in the future.

More details will be given when we finally decide to finalize our creation.  This is the home of the Tembili species.  Members of this species inhabit the settlement of Nkan.

In the session we did explore a number of Focuses (listed in order):

  1. Colonization
  2. War
  3. Cultural Development
  4. Everyday Life
  5. Mythology
  6. Plots & Conspiracies

Being the first time we played Microscope a few mistakes were made, but none that hurt the timeline development.  There were elements created I never would have added if I was the sole creator of the history.  The game was an amazing way to develop a rich background for a new world.

Numerous wars, a drought & famine, as well as a new form of magic have been added to the Megaverse®.



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