Shangxiao Kang Aubert

Middle-aged leader of a survivor group


Height: 174 cm
Build: Average
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Bantu with a fraction of Chinese


Aubert is the 13th leader of a settlement in a land they called Jiapéng. It is a hereditary position and he gained the title from his grandfather. It was his duty to protect his people and keep them hidden until the Mingling set them on their destiny, an assault on Atlantis.

Over a 300 year period the order never came. During his tenure as Shangxiao they were attacked and driven from their homes by a powerful and unknown force. After survivors were rescued it was determined by many, including an rebellious officer named Cheng Bruno, that their mission was a failure and they had to move into the larger world, giving up the Mingling.

Aubert is trying to lead the survivors into this strange new world and to help find a place for them in it.

Shangxiao Kang Aubert

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