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  • Savage Rifts Earth

    The prime world of this campaign has a number of similarities to the Rifts Earth of canon, but there are also a number of differences.

    • Dimension Size: Parallel/Infinite
    • Primary Medium: Space/Vacuum
    • Secondary …

  • Timeline of Savage Rifts Earth

    AD 2045: Atlantis Station Space Elevator completed.  It benefits the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Europe, and several African nations.  The city of [[Pongara]] is founded in Gabon to capitalize on the vast amount of activity …

  • Africa

    Like the rest of the world Africa suffered greatly during the Cataclysm.  Flooding from a rising Atlantis as well as geologic changes with a portion of the continent breaking away from the main body and the Congo river being diverted inland.  …

  • Pongara

    The greater Pongara area contains the ruins of the cities of Pongara and Libreville as well as the current city of [[Nkan]].  By AD 2098 Pongara became the larger and more important portion of the Pongara-Libreville urban zone.

  • Casablanca

    Once the largest city of Morocco, Casablanca still survives hundreds of years after the Cataclysm.  Much of the city was flooded with the return of [[Atlantis]] and the portions that are submerged resemble Venice of ages past.

    A portion …

  • Tomorrow Legion

    The Tomorrow Legion is a relatively new organization formed in the war-torn lands of [[North America]].  They help others build a better world in the face of threats such as the [[Coalition States]] and [[Phoenix Empire]].

    When the …

  • Europe

    Europe is made up of a large number of regions:

    Neue Deutsche Republik: A human-centric state with some similarities with the [[Coalition States]].

    Gargoyle Reich: An Empire of …

  • Nkan

    Nkan is a settlement in the  [[Pongara]] Region of what was once the nation of Gabon.

    It has a population of over 20,000 people as of 100 P.A.



    Being a developed, …

  • Nkan Comets

    The Nkan Comets are a football team made up of some of the best players in [[Nkan]].  Sometimes they go a few years between games with neighboring communities, but when they do play the local community enthusiastically supports their team.

  • Chicala Cheetahs

    The Chicala Cheetahs are a football team from the small city of [[Chicala]].  The team has a pre-Cataclysm founding and has had numerous opportunities to play in the last few centuries given Chicala's status as a fadetown.

    The …

  • Coalition States

    The Coalition States have grown to dominate [[North America]].  While the new territories are assimilated they are turning their eyes across the Atlantic for further expansion.


    &ldquo …