Like the rest of the world Africa suffered greatly during the Cataclysm.  Flooding from a rising Atlantis as well as geologic changes with a portion of the continent breaking away from the main body and the Congo river being diverted inland.  Now 300 years later the continent is a very different place.


The Cable: Earth once had a space elevator called Atlantis Station.  During the Cataclysm the base and satellites that made it up were destroyed.  A large section of the nano-weave cable fell to Earth and draped over parts of Africa.  It reacted strangely with ley lines and has become a magic conduit itself!

Casablanca: This city has become the new home of the Tomorrow Legion after it fled North America in the face of the Coalition States.

Dinosaur Swamp: on a portion of land between the new giant inland lakes lies a swamp filled with dinosaurs.

Phoenix Empire: The largest organized territory on the continent spreading from old-Earth Egypt and northern Sudan into the Middle East.

Pongara Region: Home of the ruins of the city of Pongara, Libreville, and the survivor settlement of Nkan.

Sahara Jungle: With the growing bodies of fresh water developing from a diverted Congo river and alien vegetation arriving through rifts the Sahara is a very different place.  Alien plant life now dominates.

Xiticix Territory: Southern Africa is dominated by Xiticix hives.  The bugs have been expanding in recent years.

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