The greater Pongara area contains the ruins of the cities of Pongara and Libreville as well as the current city of Nkan.  By AD 2098 Pongara became the larger and more important portion of the Pongara-Libreville urban zone.

Portions of Libreville and Pongara are still radioactive from nuclear strikes back in AD 2098.  A large number of strange mutant creatures are found in both cities, but particularly more in Pongara itself.

The major language of the region is Franco-Afrique.


In AD 2045 the Atlantis Station Space Elevator was completed.  The amount of trade and wealth moving to that area were of great benefit to many nations, especially the United States, Brazil, the nations of western Europe, and others.  With financial backing from China the nation of Gabon was able to build a large, modern port city named Pongara.  This city was to help Gabon, and their Chinese investors, profit from the Atlantic space elevator while China and Japan were years behind in creating one in the Pacific.

In AD 2052 the [[Léon M'ba Bridge]] was constructed to connect Pongara with Libreville.  The bridge was over 15 km long and had a high arc to allow ships to easily sail beneath it.  Six lanes of highway each direction as well as four mag-lev train lines under the pavement level helped make this one of the top ten bridges in the world.


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