Nkan Comets

The Nkan Comets are a football team made up of some of the best players in Nkan.  Sometimes they go a few years between games with neighboring communities, but when they do play the local community enthusiastically supports their team.

The current team is made of of the following players:

  • #3 Jean-Pierre Koko (human)
  • #8 Paul Bulot (human)
  • #11 Dendel (fennodi)
  • #18 Ri Til (tembili)
  • #20 Emmanue Mocci (human)
  • #23 Ni Xox (tembili)
  • #33 Trogmil (fennodi)
  • #41 Fexnor (fennodi)
  • #73 Vinn Rewakka (human)



The coach of the team is Gabriel Madinda


  Chicala Cheetahs W 2-0  


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Nkan Comets

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