Tembili Universe Timeline

Break-Up of Old Empire (light)

                Event: The Last God commits suicide (dark)

                Event: Death of the old Imperial Line, who claimed descent from the old gods, causes an upsurge in agnosticism and atheism. (light)

PERIOD: Many Angled War between the shattered remains of the old empire. (dark)

                Event: Babegwer Kingdom of Gogong invaded by the Kingdom of Korothmi.  The Babegwer were unprepared and shocked by the brutality of the attack. (dark)

                Event: The Great Partitioning – The Tembili and the Babegwer divide the known world between them, ending the Many Angled War and re-establishing many subject races. (light)

                Event: Founding of the Great City of Ilde (light)

                                Scene: How did the Imperial Line come to power?

                                                Location – Royal Palace in the city of Ilde

                                               Queen Lathen (Tembili queen of Korothmi Kingdom

                                                King Tuna (Tembili king of Nchako)

                                                General Hurth (Tembili general for the Korothmi Kingdom

                                                After increasing tensions between Queen Lathen and King Tuna, General Hurth proposes a solution that will unite the two kingdoms and help to form the Korothmi Empire.  The Queen’s firstborn child will marry the first born of Tuna of the opposite gender.

                Event: Taxes to pay for the wars and the Queen’s wedding cause anger in the lower class of Ilde. (dark)

                Event: King Tuna disappears and is widely believed to have made a deal with dark forces for immortality.  He was afraid of dying and swore not to. (dark)

PERIOD: First overseas colony established by the Korothmi Empire (dark)

                Event: Razing of the Korth capital and death of the Korthian leader. (dark) The Korth had a simple philosophy of balance with nature, and practiced biomancy but only in a very limited aspect.  The Tembili learned biomancy from the Korth.

                Event: The 61 Soldiers of Destiny vs. the Unliving Legion (dark)

PERIOD: Age of Tembili Imperialism – The Tembrili explore and dominate the remainder of their world, subjugating many races and cultures. Nationalism develops.  (dark)

                Event: Tembili Imperialism causes a melting pot of many cultures to form, centered in the Great City of Ilde. (light)

                Event: Tension between races & aggressiveness of current Tembili ways causes a culture of exaggerated formal politeness and propriety to be promulgated, known as the [[R’caur Code]].  Duels resulting from breaches of the code are common. (light)

                Event: The wedding of Emperor Aurchel.  He takes a royal consort to have a child but marries Baron Berin. (light)

PERIOD: The Naegula Uprising – Tired of poor treatment, the Naegula lead other races, the Rorthangs and the Ergls, against the Empire.  (dark)

PERIOD: Drought – A drought plagues the lands causing great hardship on the common folk. (dark)

                Event: A Tembili boy named Glirod dies of starvation three days before his ninth birthday. (dark)

                Event: Slave Uprisings are common.  All are brutally crushed.  The Sharongolko Genocide occurs. (dark)

PERIOD: Biomancy Wars – Taking the simple almost druidic biomancy of the defeated Korth people, the Tembili went rampant with abuse of the new science and devastated ecosystems, turning seas into highly dangerous zones of no-man’s land.  Monsters plague the lands still. (dark)

                Event: Magic & Science merge to fight the bio-mancers, forming the start of weird science. (light)

                Event: The First Voyage of Captain Bathuri.  He is the first captain of an airship.  It is used to attack the enemy from above. (light)

                Event: Captain Bathuri rescues Prince Anguin from the clutches of a horde of Norgle Lizards on the Plains of Ashwan.  His airship, the Farcalor, is severely damaged and stranded in monster a infested jungle for three weeks. (light)

                Event: Captain Bathuri and the Million-Headed Dragon (light)

                Event: Foundations of the Colleges of Magical Engineering.  Formalization of magical caste structure. (light)

                Event: A Korth biomancer, Shrogg, establishes the secret order of Zag’Nar.  Named after the old Korthian god of life, the order hides the dark secrets of biomancy and searches for a way to create a disease to exterminate the Tembili. (dark)

                Event: Captain Bathuri becomes advisor to the Imperial Family in his retirement.  His closeness to the young Imperatrix Sakauro leaves many to question the paternity of the heir, Ulka.  (dark)

PERIOD: First Interdimensional Incursion on the world – a demonic race called the Vaur invade from another dimension.  They are a centauroid race with an insectoid body and upper bodies that are serpentine.  (light)

                Event: The Expulsion War begins.  The Tembili launch a counter-attack against the Vaur. (light)

                Event: Babegwer ally with the Vaur resulting in the presumed extinction of their race.  They leave a legacy of treachery behind.  (dark)

                Event: A Tembili named Urchundo Zii develops a new style of music during the war while coming up with new signaling methods.  The music is called Klang and involves a lot of improvisation. (light)

                Event: Vaur driven away by manipulations of a surviving biomancer who was a Tembili renegade. (light)

ENDING PERIOD: Tembili Discover a Rift to Earth and begin to exploit it. (dark)

                Event: An artifact from the days of the old empire is discovered that allows the easy discovery of Ley Line Nexuses.  The item is said to be cursed. (light)

                Event: Discovery of ley line nexus on Kalaro Island and the resulting development of the first permanent rift to Earth.

                Event: Magical ‘accident’ on Kalaro Island nexus claims the lives of the Imperial Family.  Distant cousin Lirgl inherits.  Treachery is suspected, no proof exists.  Emperor Lirgl orders invasion of Rifts Earth. (dark)

Tembili Universe Timeline

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