Timeline of Savage Rifts Earth

AD 2045: Atlantis Station Space Elevator completed.  It benefits the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Europe, and several African nations.  The city of Pongara is founded in Gabon to capitalize on the vast amount of activity talking place off shore at the Space Elevator.  The Chinese funded the new city and gain influence in Gabon.

AD 2052: The [[Léon M'ba Bridge]] was constructed to connect Pongara with Libreville.  The bridge was over 15 km long and had a high arc to allow ships to easily sail beneath it.  Six lanes of highway each direction as well as four mag-lev train lines under the pavement level helped make this one of the top ten bridges in the world.

AD 2070: Work on the Pacific space elevator project ends as the involved nations and corporations can no longer fund the project.

AD 2098: The war and resulting cataclysm destroy the Space Elevator.  Atlantis Station sinks below the waves and a huge length of the cable falls down to Earth crossing much of south and central Africa.

AD 2099: During the cataclysm of the return of Atlantis the Great Rift of Africa splits open and the eastern portion of that continent pulls away from the main landmass.

14 P.A. (AD 2300): General Joseph Prosek's purges end and the Coalition States have successfully obliterated the Federation of Magic off the face of the Earth.

80 P.A. (AD 2366): The Xiticix appear out of several Rifts in South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Lesotho, and Botswana.

89 P.A. (AD 2375): Coalition States stage a brutal attack on Tolkeen a few months after Gravander Henchu’s death.

90 P.A. to 108 P.A. = The Coalition States have annexed most of the lands of North America into their empire.

96 P.A.: Coalition States begin their war against the Vampire Kingdoms.

109 P.A. (AD 2395): Coalition States begins negotiating an alliance with the Neue Deutsch Republik to combat the Gargoyle Reich.

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Timeline of Savage Rifts Earth

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